So, I quit my job… I was sick of seeing people doing things that sounded a lot more interesting than what I was doing.

The new plan is to search far and wide for things that I think are interesting. I’m going to leave it as open as that. I want to search the globe for interesting people, places, things…. experiences in general.

This travel blog isn’t about me. This travel blog aims to search out things around the globe that I find interesting. The focus is on the interesting, not me. Hopefully you enjoy it. If not, sorry.

Any suggestions as to where I should go next?

You can contact me at andrew @ or let me know in the comments!

Safe travels,



  1. Hi Andrew! Hope you are doing well in Lima. I am pathetically learning some simple Joel Plaskett songs on my guitar and watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I just landed a new job – teaching a Grade 8 Outdoor Ed. program called ScienceTrek. It should be great. When do you return to SK?

  2. Nada Rafik says:

    Egypt! :)

  3. Nada Rafik says:

    Egypt! 😀

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