So, what started out as a website to connect people to free volunteer opportunities (True Travellers Society), has led to me getting into a few more sites. I started Stuff You Should as something that I thought would entertain myself and maybe a few friends. After that, I got a bit carried away and acquired a few sites and am trying to further develop them: Africa travel Blog Fantastic photos from around the world Random travel articles. Free volunteer Opportunities in Africa.

All this has resulted in me spending too much time in front of the computer, but I guess that is the way it goes (hopefully not for too long).



I have a new site:

please check it out.



“My life is just fine”

I was mad at the advertising on a new website and this email exchange followed. I like the affirmation at the end of the last email.

1st email:


Your new ad format (the ad at the bottom of the screen which opens another ad when you close it) is really annoying.

Just my two cents.



Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your feedback regarding online advertising and As this unique channel for content delivery continues to develop, we work hard to find a balance between accessible content and creative advertising ideas that allow us to offer our content online without subscription fees. Your feedback is very important in helping us understand appropriate guidelines. I will offer your comments as an example of what our readers think; this will help to refine future advertising standards that work for both our readers and our advertisers.

As a note though, the ad should close once the “X” or “close” button is clicked. However, clicking on any portion of the rest of the ad will navigate to a URL of the advertiser’s choice.

Thank you,

3rd email:


I appreciate your response.

I understand that the X or collapse should close the ad. When you close this type of banner ad, a smaller ad in the bottom left pops up from the same advertiser. That is what is annoying!

Thanks again

4th Email:

Oh ok, I understand what you’re referring to. We used to provide the advertiser that extra logo exposure and have since moved away from that format, but felt inclined to continue prior campaigns the way they were originally offered.

Do you remember which advertiser this ad was promoting?

5th Email:

it was macco and dunlop ford i think… those were the two i saw.

Ps. i will get a life soon an stop writing to complain about advertising! haha

6th Email:

No Andrew, I really appreciate your feedback. I was worried some ads had slipped through the cracks, but those were both advertisers who had bought campaigns based on the original format; so I’m afraid it’s our due diligence to leave them running that way. New campaigns, however, should close completely when prompted.

Thanks again for your help, and I’m sure your life is just fine J