Back to fast internet

So, I once again have not been very good at keeping this blog up to date. But, in my defense, i often didn’t feel like it.

Keeping a blog while travelling in a place with slow internet connections is not fun… and i like fun stuff. Uploading pictures can be more painful then putting pins in your eyes.

I had met up with my sister and her husband for the last few weeks and left them on their way to mount Kilimanjaro. Instead of a week trek, I took a 10 hour bus ride, 14 if you count the 4 hours we stood on the side of road due to some hose snapping, to catch a flight to Dubai. I am writing this in Dubai where i will be for the next 96 hours (that is the full length of my transit visa).

What do you do when it is plus 50? Indoor skiing perhaps?


Wrestling monkeys…

..have been waking me every morning at 630ish. There is a tin roof on this building i’ve been staying in. Every morning the damn monkeys start by throwing mangos on the roof and then running/wrestling across it. It kind of sounds like a hail storm smashing on the tin.

Spent the last couple days volunteering with soft power education.. Really great organization.

Tomorrow i am off to murchison falls. Apparently it contains the world’s largest concentration of hippos and crocodiles. Hopefully, i don’t wake up to them wrestling… and if i do, hopefully it isn’t with me!


A Couple of Photos from Uganda

Here are couple photos (which have taken ages to upload). The picture with the kids is pretty interesting. They first tried to get me to look at the chameleon on the stick. They then started following me when i left the gates of the place i was staying. They wanted to take me around town and show me a view point. I went with them for about two hours. I asked them how much money people usually give them and asked them what they were going to spend the money on. I’m always a bit hesitant to give money to kids but felt these guys deserved it. They said they wanted money for books and pens for school.

Half way on our tour, our group of about 8 turned into 3. The two “ring leaders” told the others to stay behind in their local language. They said the other kids would wait and we would pick them up on the way back. I figured they were just trying to cut them out of getting anything. The three of us continued to the view point . They led me to one of the most impressive view points i’ve ever been to. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera on me at this time (you can search sipi falls view point and i’m sure google will help you out). Then we started walking back. I told them I wouldn’t give them money but would give them books and pens. They were happy and agreed. And on the way back, we picked up the other boys like they said, went to the store and gots some books and pens. I was really impressed with the kids, so i gave them a little money as well.

When we got back to the gate of my place, they wanted a photo. They want me to come back and give them a hard copy. I told them i probably won’t be making it back. They told me to send a friend with the photo… any delivery volunteers? I’m sure Peter and the boys will be hanging out on the weekend infront of the sipi lodge waiting for tourists. They told me they are their every weekend.
IMG_1179 (Medium)

IMG_1183 (Medium)

Here are a couple of the kids around Jinja.
IMG_1153 (Medium)

IMG_1146 (Medium)



Well, i made it Uganda and have been here a week now. Things are well. Internet access is suspect and often slow.

I found myself a kayaking school on the nile. Plan on staying here for a few days. They give you a gun in your kayak to fend of crocs and hippos! (not true).

I will try and post some photos over the next couple days if time permits.

The biggest fly i’ve ever seen just landed on the table.. time to go.