So, what started out as a website to connect people to free volunteer opportunities (True Travellers Society), has led to me getting into a few more sites. I started Stuff You Should as something that I thought would entertain myself and maybe a few friends. After that, I got a bit carried away and acquired a few sites and am trying to further develop them: Africa travel Blog Fantastic photos from around the world Random travel articles. Free volunteer Opportunities in Africa.

All this has resulted in me spending too much time in front of the computer, but I guess that is the way it goes (hopefully not for too long).



I have a new site:

please check it out.



Back to fast internet

So, I once again have not been very good at keeping this blog up to date. But, in my defense, i often didn’t feel like it.

Keeping a blog while travelling in a place with slow internet connections is not fun… and i like fun stuff. Uploading pictures can be more painful then putting pins in your eyes.

I had met up with my sister and her husband for the last few weeks and left them on their way to mount Kilimanjaro. Instead of a week trek, I took a 10 hour bus ride, 14 if you count the 4 hours we stood on the side of road due to some hose snapping, to catch a flight to Dubai. I am writing this in Dubai where i will be for the next 96 hours (that is the full length of my transit visa).

What do you do when it is plus 50? Indoor skiing perhaps?


Wrestling monkeys…

..have been waking me every morning at 630ish. There is a tin roof on this building i’ve been staying in. Every morning the damn monkeys start by throwing mangos on the roof and then running/wrestling across it. It kind of sounds like a hail storm smashing on the tin.

Spent the last couple days volunteering with soft power education.. Really great organization.

Tomorrow i am off to murchison falls. Apparently it contains the world’s largest concentration of hippos and crocodiles. Hopefully, i don’t wake up to them wrestling… and if i do, hopefully it isn’t with me!